Pioneering the implementation of urgent restoration and preservation of the Yemeni cultural heritage in all fields of heritage and antiquities Active participation in achieving sustainable development goals in cultural heritage by 2030.


Sanid Organization for Cultural Heritage (SOCH), represented by the Cultural Heritage Protection Unit, strives to achieve its goals in the fields of protecting Yemeni cultural heritage and raising awareness of the importance of


The establishment of the Sand Organization for Cultural Heritage aims to implement the goals of the organization in the field of protecting cultural heritage in its tangible and intangible aspects, natural heritage and its urgent and supportive


Sanid Organization for Cultural Heritage (SOCH): An independent, non-governmental, non-profit civil organization specialized in cultural heritage. It was established as a unit in cultural heritage in (2019) AD. It was established by a group of engineers in the field of cultural heritage and the academy from Yemen and began to practice its activities as a legal entity under the license issued her from the Ministry of Culture No. (1) For the year 2020. In The Republic of Yemen has a number of offices in - Taiz - Sana'a - Hadramout - Aden, and the organization has delegates, researchers and partners throughout the Republic of Yemen, working within the framework of laws regulating work in cultural heritage.



The Republic of Yemen is one of the largest countries in the world rich in heritage, antiquities and manuscripts, as Yemen is considered a country of civilizations and knowledge, as we had parents and grandparents who vowed their life path to seek knowledge and construction. They reached an awesome level of greatness of their time.