Pioneering the implementation of urgent Yemeni cultural heritage protection work in all fields of heritage.


strives to achieve its goals in the fields of protecting Yemeni cultural heritage .


Contributing to the protection of archeology and archaeological sites and the preservation of cities,


Sanid Organization for Relief and Development currently contributes to the protection of cultural heritage in its various forms, as the organization considers the protection of heritage a protection of the Yemeni national identity and the preservation of the ancient history of Yemen.
Among the organization's contributions is the preservation of historical cities and the endeavor to restore and maintain damaged buildings, monuments and archaeological and historical sites that are considered the historical and cultural Yemeni fa├žade.

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Cultural Heritage PROTECTING

The Republic of Yemen is one of the largest countries in the world rich in heritage, antiquities and manuscripts, as Yemen is considered a country of civilizations and knowledge, as we had parents and grandparents who vowed their life path to seek knowledge and construction. They reached an awesome level of greatness of their time.