The Republic of Yemen is one of the largest countries in the world rich in heritage, antiquities and manuscripts, as Yemen is considered a country of civilizations and knowledge, as  parents and grandparents vowed their lives  to seek knowledge  and construction. They reached an awesome level of greatness of  their time.

Sanid Organization for Relief and Development currently contributes to the protection of cultural heritage in its various forms, as the organization considers the protection of heritage a protection of the Yemeni national identity and the preservation of the  ancient  history of Yemen.

 Among the organization’s contributions is the preservation of historical cities and the endeavor to restore and maintain damaged buildings, monuments and archaeological and historical sites that are considered the historical and cultural Yemeni fa├žade.

 Sanid Organization for  Relief and Development considers heritage an essential pillar of cultural identity and it  is the sample  of its pride.
The organization  seeks to protect heritage and interferes to develop the civilization of the Yemeni society. The organization tries to shed light on the extinct heritage, which suffers from the lack of support.

 The organization has  presented a set of studies and projects that protect and promote cultural heritage, and through this the organization tries to achieve the effective presence of the Yemeni cultural identity and heritage.
The organization showed  a set of important points among its plans to protect heritage, buildings, historical cities and manuscripts. In addition to holding, qualifying, and  training courses in the field of heritage protection in all its forms, and holding awareness-raising seminars and events in the same field, and among its active activities is the establishment  of a special magazine for the organization concerned with heritage and its protection.Sanid Organization for Relief and Development  will open broad and global horizons for the protection of Yemeni cultural heritage, and will work to introduce the world to Yemeni creativity, and that Yemen is the  source of heritage through the time.

The Vision:

Pioneering the implementation of urgent Yemeni cultural heritage protection work in all fields of heritage.

The message:

Sand Organization for Relief and Development, represented by the Cultural Heritage Protection Unit, strives to achieve its goals in the fields of protecting Yemeni cultural heritage and raising awareness of the importance of this heritage, and seeking to show the cultural and historical aspect of Yemen, in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Yemeni community organizations.

The objectives:

– Contributing to the protection of monuments and archaeological sites, and the preservation of cities, regions, and historical monuments.
-Providing the appropriate conditions and climates in support of the efforts of official institutions and bodies concerned with the process of preserving the fixed and transferred archaeological and architectural heritage from deterioration, looting and theft.
– Promoting the behavior of society that emphasizes respecting the tangible and intangible cultural heritage by spreading  awareness of the importance of preserving cultural heritage.
– Working to take the necessary measures to face the potential effects of unauthorized activities and their effects on the cultural and natural heritage.
-Contributing to the financing of projects for the preservation, maintenance, restoration, rehabilitation and protection of movable and immovable archaeological and architectural heritage through urgent appeals to local and international organizations.

– Contributing to the protection of natural heritage and protecting areas threatened with destruction.
– Paying attention to handicrafts and traditional industries in cooperation with official bodies and local and international organizations.
– Encouraging the exchange of information and research in the field of tangible and intangible cultural heritage between the organization and the relevant local and international organizations.
– Contributing to the process of rehabilitation and promotion of cultural heritage through the organization and preparation of workshops.
-Preparing programs aimed at preserving, and restoring manuscripts projects.