Yemeni Muwashahat

Yemen is famous for its muwashshahat and chants of a religious nature in its different colors represented in the San’ani, Hadrami, Al-Yafi’i and other colors that carry different characteristics according to the place and environment. The beautiful stanzas that impress you by explaining their meanings and their loftiest manifestations because of what they contain of committed words and effective moral advice that teach tolerance, sincerity and faith in sweet spiritual hymns that simulate the conscience and refine the taste and the soul. Sana’a anthem: A color of the wonderful heritage, the essence of the word and its melody is the sound only its instrument and its natural music, with the nature, fragrance and authenticity of Sana’a. The most important characteristic of it is that it is free from accompanying musical instruments or accompanying rhythms, especially Sanaa’s chanting heritage, whose beauty and splendor lies in the eloquence of his poems and the sweetness and beauty of his melodies. The pure, its radiant quarters, its eloquent pillars, and its fine architecture, and its branches encircled with necklaces and jewels of purity and purity.