The conclusion activities of the Cultural Heritage protection Project  during Covid-19 pandemic

24 November 2020

Today, Tuesday, November 24, 2020, the activities of the project to Protect Cultural Heritage during  Covid- 19 pandemic, funded by ALIPH, were concluded with the implementation of Sanid Organization for Cultural Heritage in partnership with the Ministry of Culture.

The activities consisted of cleaning and sterilizing the manuscript house, in addition to distributing educational brochures and posters, as well as distributing health bags, providing cash assistance to the manuscript house workers, and holding awareness and training courses in the field of Cultural Heritage Protection and the field of prevention of Covid -19.

Professor Warda Al-Jaradi, Project Manager – Director of the Heritage Unit at Sanid Organization – manuscript expert, stated that this project is one of the most important projects that have worked to protect manuscripts and those working on them

Sanid Organization for Cultural Heritage, represented by its president, Mr. Muhammed Al-Kabous, also expressed its thanks.