Yemeni women’s fashion


The Yemeni folklore represented a special and distinguished model because it contains many aspects of the life of the Yemeni person. This heritage still exists until now, where we see the beauty and splendor of its multiple images, and from this folklore, women’s costumes, whose images are still evident in villages and countryside. The aesthetic and the mastery of its craftsmanship will make this beautiful fashion a treasure that will perpetuate an eternity that cannot be erased no matter how far the wheel of progress and development is, and about women’s clothing and its multiple and different types, with many and different cities and governorates. Like weddings and weddings. It is the dress of the women of Hadhramaut, and the woman will be adorned with a silver belt and anklets. There is also the Sana’a dress, which is a dress worn by the women of Sana’a and its suburbs, and it consists of a dress called “Al-Zanna” and on it the “Usbah” or “Al-Masr” which is placed on the head and is decorated with silver ornaments and is called the spray.